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Blow Popsicle Cocktail

Updated: Jul 9, 2018

Fourth of July is just a couple days away! Every year we look forward to grilling out, visiting with friends & family, and my favorite part, day drinking. Don't worry about being tempted by high carb alcoholic drinks because we've got you covered with the perfect, zero carb, keto-friendly cocktail.


2 oz vodka

6 oz seltzer water

4 oz ice

4 drops OOO Flavors Blow Popsicle concentrate

4 drops OOO Flavors Sucralose (or whatever liquid sweetener you have on hand)

*Optional - frozen blueberries

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Add all ingredients to a cocktail shaker and gently shake.

Strain contents into a martini glass, wine glass, coffee mug, or straight into your mouth. Whatever floats your boat! ;)

Pro Tip: Add a few frozen blueberries to keep your drink cold and prevent it from getting watered down by ice. Plus you'll have a snack when you finish your drink!


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